Tornador Black

Tornador Black


The Tornador Black Interior Cleaning Tool is an upgraded version of the Tornador Classic that contains heavier duty components and is much more powerful.  It uses the same water/soap/air tornado spray technology but will detail your interiors more efficiently in less time!


Features & Details:


• More powerful and efficient that the Tornador Classic.  The Tornador Black is constructed with heavier duty parts that ensure the inner workings last longer.  It uses less soap, less pressure, and cleans quicker.  Basically, it’s the Tornador Classic on steroids!


• A built-in air regulator allows you to control pressure.  The Tornador Black allows you to change the working pressure directly on the tool and regulate the capacity of your chemicals.


• Air-driven suction feed gun offers improved power.  As with the Classic, the Tornador Black uses pressurized air to drive a mixture of water and soap through an oscillating nozzle.   However, the feed gun rotates spirally, guided by a ball bearing design to increase power and efficiency.


• Lower air consumption and noise emissions. More upgrades on the Tornador Black are its ability to use less air and operate with less noise.  It requires less maintenance and is less vulnerable to wear and tear.